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Hotel Betty - Since 1967...

The recently remodeled Hotel Betty provides the most modern of comforts, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our family’s passion for hospitality.
Spend your vacation with us and it will be a unique and an unforgettable experience!

The Hotel Betty is only a short walk from the historic center of Rimini and a block from the beautiful beach of Lido San Giuliano.

  The beach is equipped with an abundance of services to meet all of your needs. When you aren’t relaxing under an umbrella by the sea in your own lounge chair, there are: bars, restaurants, beach volleyball, beach tennis, basketball, soccer, bocce and table tennis.

Also, you’ll find: a ‘Mini Club’ to entertain children, activities for adults, a library and last, but not least, an area dedicated to dogs and their owners.  For more information click here.

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